Why Patek Philippe Watches Retain Their Value Best?

July 5th, 2021

Patek Philippe is one of the world’s finest and most celebrated brands in the luxury watch industry. Thanks to its rich legacy, ingenuity and technical brilliance, Patek Philippe watches are exceptionally popular among collectors globally. Watch enthusiasts greatly appreciate the incredible level of craftsmanship that goes into creating timepieces. The brand’s enthusiasts and fans adore the impressive level of artistry that goes into producing each Patek watch.

Moreover, Patek Philippe watches have graced the wrists of many notable personalities from different fields like film, sports and music. While they are the ultimate symbol of luxury, Patek Philippe watches are costly. However, the watches also retain their value the best, alongside Rolex.

This means that if you head out to sell a Patek Philippe watch, you are likely to receive top prices for your luxury watch from potential watch buyers. So let’s find out why Patek Philippe watches retain their value best.

The Craftsmanship

One of the significant factors that make Patek Philippe watches unique and retain excellent resale value is the craftsmanship. The watchmaker creates most of its watches entirely using hands. However, the timepieces are forged out of the highest quality materials, incredible calibres, most delicate complications that enable you to gaze upon them for generations.

Every Patek Philippe watch represents the brand’s impeccable finishing, incredible detailing and technical ingenuity. More significantly, the level of finishing and detail that Patek Philippe puts into each creation makes them extremely valuable.

The Scarcity

Since 1839, Patek Philippe is known to produce less than one million watches. The luxury watchmaker is so particular about its detailing standard and precision that it takes nearly nine months to create its most basic models. However, it takes over two years to manufacture some of its more complicated watches. In the meantime, the demand continues to grow among collectors across the globe.

The Finest Materials

Patek Philippe uses only precious metals to craft its timepieces, including yellow gold, white gold and platinum. The brand’s catalogue includes only a small collection of watches made of stainless steel. Additionally, the movements are also forged out of expensive materials.

This eventually contributes to Patek Philippe watches’ hefty price tags and allows them to hold their value with time. Every Patek Philippe model is a one-of-its-kind. Professional luxury watch buyers know that they are getting the best with Patek Philippe. Thus, they are usually willing to pay a premium for a pre-owned Patek in excellent condition.

The Rich Legacy

Patek Philippe timepieces embody a peerless balance in design, craftsmanship and functionality. The overall execution may look simple, but the brand never opts for any shortcut pathway to craft its creations.

The watchmaker makes the cases in-house using solid pieces of platinum or gold. However, the expert artisans at Patek Philippe employ the conventional case-making processes of the 1800s. Thus, like a Patek watch passes down from one generation to another, the traditional case-making know-how also passes from generation to generation.

The beauty and glamour of Patek Philippe lay here. Thanks to all these factors, Patek Philippe watches hold their value best, and some models even increase in value in certain instances.

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